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Technical Cleaning

With our services we support you in caring for and cleaning your production in the best possible way. Whether cleaning ventilation systems, paint shops or machinery, our experts ensure that your production facilities are kept clean, thus retaining their value.


Technical Cleaning: Excellent cleanliness of your factory

We know that production facilities that run smoothly are the success factor for your company. All the more important that everything works without any problems! With decades of experience, modern know-how in the field of industrial, machine and special cleaning and state-of-the-art cleaning processes, we implement customized cleaning concepts for your plant and equipment. 


Our technical cleaning is not only reliable, fast and efficient, but also gentle on materials and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to ensure the value of your machines is retained and to avoid downtime due to contamination, so that you can produce efficiently in the long term. 

Ensuring high quality, occupational safety of our employees as well as acting in an environmentally friendly manner are our highest priorities.

Our offering:

  • Equipment cleaning
  • Paint shop cleaning
  • Control cabinet cleaning
  • Special project cleaning
  • Paint stripping of skids and fixtures
  • Deep cleaning

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