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  • No matter whether disposition, transport or storage: We create the best possible conditions for your production – professionally, competently and reliably. Perfect your internal processes.
  • Logistics with Leadec in Slovakia

    No matter whether disposition, transport or storage: We create the best possible conditions for your production – professionally, competently and reliably. Perfect your internal processes.


Slovakia is an important hub for the logistics industry in Europe. The country has a well-developed highway network that covers the entire country and enables goods to be transported quickly and efficiently. 

The logistics market in Slovakia is diverse. In particular, it attracts international traders from the food sector as well as freight forwarding companies, all of which specialize in the storage and transportation of goods. 

Leadec Slovakia is at your disposal with its services and enters the picture when it comes to the construction and expansion of existing warehouse technology, right through to the maintenance and servicing of warehouse equipment.

Our services


Our team of experts supports you in logistics planning. It usually begins with a detailed analysis of the existing logistics processes and systems. In the process, the company's requirements and goals are determined and potential bottlenecks and weak points are identified. Based on these findings, a concept is developed for the new logistics system that meets the company's requirements while increasing efficiency and productivity. We implement comprehensive and individual logistics solutions with the aim of a hundred percent delivery capacity. We are supported in this by our planning software, which we see as a value-adding unit between assembly and logistics. This allows you to improve material flow planning, make your production more flexible and thus reduce manufacturing costs.


Logistics system installation requires careful planning and coordination of all parties involved, including logistics experts, IT specialists, engineers and technicians. We assemble, install and wire complete logistic systems. During the logistics system installation, it is important that all stakeholders work closely together and adhere to the schedule and installation specifications. 

Our services:

  • Installation of hardware such as racking systems, conveyors, scanners and cameras
  • Installation of software and IT systems such as WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transport Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Training for employees to familiarize them with the new systems and work processes

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

The use of AGVs in the logistics industry has increased significantly in recent years, as they offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for transporting materials. Unlike manual transport systems, AGVs are autonomous and can perform their tasks without human intervention. This means they can operate around the clock, increasing the productivity and efficiency of logistics processes.

Leadec provides the management of your fleet for optimized operation, lifespan and performance.

  • Installation and operation of fully connected internal transport vehicles
  • Customized dashboards for visualization of relevant KPIs
  • Operation of logistic fleets as full service

Service and maintenance

Maintenance and servicing of logistics systems is an important aspect of ensuring the long-term performance and reliability of the system. Regular maintenance and servicing helps to ensure that the system runs smoothly and that potential problems can be identified and rectified at an early stage. 

Services include, for example:

  • Inspections, cleaning, lubrication and replacement of components
  • Condition monitoring of automated forklifts and cranes
  • Monitoring the functionality of the system to detect and correct possible failures or malfunctions at an early stage
  • Replacement of conveyor belts, racking systems, scanners or cameras


Existing logistics systems often offer potential for optimization. By optimizing logistics processes, companies can save time and costs. There are various ways to improve logistics. For example, by improving the planning and control of transport routes, by reducing inventories or by automating processes.


Leadec Slovakia supports you with its services in this area as well:

  • Comprehensive data analysis of existing processes
  • Integration of modern technologies such as RFID, barcode scanners or automated transport systems
  • Training and further education of employees

Supporting services

Our specialists in Slovakia are also on the spot wherever the actual logistics processes are involved. 

We support, for example:

  • Disposal of empty packaging
  • Logistics for non-serial parts
  • Transport within the plant
  • Completion, sorting and repair
  • Sequencing
  • Packaging
  • Warehouse management
  • Spare parts management

Why choose Leadec?

We are a global player and a local partner.

Through our network, we provide timely specialized operational teams to take care of your logistics.

We automate your materials handling technology

As a full-service integrator of automated applications, we manufacture, install and produce cost-effective solutions for your conveyor systems. This ensures that your systems are delivered on time and on budget.

Sustainable operations

Leadec contributes to carbon neutrality in the industry. Sustainability is firmly embedded in our corporate governance. We also offer sustainable services that help our customers achieve their goals

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