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Assembly and Painting Services

Leadec Slovakia is specialized in providing a full service solution for the supply of assembled wheels and tyres as well as painting services for our customers.

Painting Services

Operation Bánovce nad Bebravou

  • Cathode Dip-Painting Coating
    - Basic color
    - First antirust protection
    - UV unstable
    - RAL 9011
    - Thickness 20-25 µm or 25-35 µm
  • Powder coating
    - Final surface protection
    - UV stable
    - Automated or handle painting
    - RAL9005 matte or gloss
    - RAL9006
    - Thickness 90-125 µm


Operation Trnava

  • Assembly of Wheels and Tires
  • Component Scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery in-line Sequence
  • Supplier Management
  • Inspection
  • Quality Control
  • Equipment Maintenance

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